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The Wine Merchant Wine of the Month Club


The Wine Merchant Wine of the Month Club

Donated by: The Wine Merchant

Donated by: The Wine Merchant

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Three month “Original” Wine of the Month Club. Valid October. 2023 - December 2023. Must call to activate. An email will be sent during the first full week of each month with the wine club information and recipes. This indicates the wines are ready for you to pick up at the store. The Wine Merchant does not ship wines to your home. Membership includes one red and one white. Detailed information on each producer , varietal, and region. Recipes. Invitations to special tastings and events. 10% case discount on all wine purchases.( valid during length of membership). The certificate can be picked up the night of the event, or arrangements can be made at the League. Buyer is responsible for mailing the certificate, if applicable

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